Credits: Produced by Quetzal Flores ; Produced by Daniel E. Sheehy ; Recorded by Pete Reiniger ; Mixed by Pete Reiniger ; Mastered by Charlie Pilzer ; Liner Notes by Russell Rodríguez ; Liner Notes by Martha González ; Cover artwork by José Ramírez ; Photography by Brian Cross ; Design by Sonya Cohen Cramer.

Track Listing

  • 2+0+1+2=Cinco (2+0+1+2=Five)
  • Imaginaries
  • Estoy Aquí (I Am Here)
  • Time Will Tell
  • Luz Y Miel (Light And Honey)
  • Witness
  • Tragafuegos (Fire Breathers)
  • Duérmete (Go To Sleep)
  • Dreamers, Schemers
  • Intifada
  • Por Eso (That’s Why)
  • Todo Lo Que Tengo (All That I Have)

Quetzal – Imaginaries

The music of Quetzal is at once visceral and intellectual. It makes you move, it makes you sing, and it makes you think. Sometimes thought of as a rock band, its members draw from a much larger web of musical, cultural, and social engagement. On Imaginaries, they creatively combine shades of East L.A.’s soundscape, traditional son jarocho of Veracruz, salsa, R&B, and more to express the political and social struggle for self-determination and self-representation, which ultimately is a struggle for dignity. 12 tracks, 55 minutes, 40-page booklet with bilingual notes.

Release Date: February 28, 2012
Label: Smithsonian/Folkways

Services provided:

  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Production

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