Track Listing:

  1. Fearless (Tom Freund)
  2. Wish You Were Here (Sally Semrad)
  3. Money (Yortoise)
  4. Comfortably Numb (Graham Parker)
  5. See Emily Play (James Combs)
  6. Mother (Quetzal)
  7. Breathe (50 Cent Haircut)
  8. Young Lust (John Law)
  9. Time (Kelsey Wood)
  10. Have a Cigar (Ira)
  11. Bike (Harvette)
  12. Nobody Home (Courtney Fairchild)
  13. Paintbox (Jimmy Caprio)
  14. Lucifer Sam (Billion Stars)
  15. San Tropez (Dave Chapple)
  16. Childhood’s End (Becca & Pierre)
  17. High Hopes (Shark & The Smoke)
  18. Astronomy Domine (Mike Keneally Band)
  19. Corporal Clegg (Samarin, Morgan and Hull, LLP)
  20. Let There Be More Light (Glass)
  21. Pigs on The Wing (Tortfeasor)
  22. Dogs (Which One’s Pink?)
  23. Sheep (Numira)
  24. In the Flesh (Shaun Guerin)
  25. Hey You (S.A.M.)
  26. Goodbye Blue Sky (Tim Myer)
  27. What Shall We Do Now? (Which One’s Pink?)
  28. Is There Anybody Out There? (TBL feat. Stevie Z.)
  29. Not Now John (North Green)
  30. “5 Minute Version” of The Wall

VA – A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd

A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd is a 2 CD compilation of 31 Pink Floyd obscurities and classics performed by 29 different bands most from the Los Angeles area. This CD has more than 2 hours of music done in a wide variety of styles with songs 1 through 16 are more “indie and interpretive” whereas songs 17 through 30 tend to be more “traditional or prog.”

Release Date: March 28, 2003
Label: Stanley Recordings

Services provided:

  • Musical Performance

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